USB Foot-pedal Keyboard

Introduction: USB Foot-pedal Keyboard

This USB foot-pedal keyboard is the younger brother of the cheap and simple foot-pedal keyboard
On this model I improved the layout and upgraded the electronics.
It now has 10 buttons instead of 5 and I increased the size of the 'main' pedals . The fabric hinges are replaced with metal ones and are placed on the top of the pedals instead of the bottom.
For the electronics I used a teensy instead of an USB keyboard. Using a teensy makes it much easier to to link a key to one of the pedals and change this if wanted.
I had a great time building this foot-pedal keyboard, it works great but there are still some thing I want to change.
Note to self:
   -Cut the walls that divide the pedals under an angle (making them stick out less).
      o This will make it easier to move your feet from pedal to pedal.
   -Add modes to the programming.
      o So that you can change the key binds on the go.

Want to build one of these yourself, give feedback or maybe you know some improvements? Don't be afraid to comment!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the reply! I added the schematics, hope they clear things up for you!