Introduction: USB Powered LED LAMP

Gather the following materials
1 4x2 pvc adapter
12 LED's
Hot glue gun
Soldiering iron
electrical tape
speaker wire
Power source

Step 1:

1) Drill 12 holes in desires locations in 4x2" PVC Adapter
2) Twist 2 LED's together by means of 1 positive side to the other LED's negative.
3) Electrical tape the twisted site of the 2 LED's

Step 2:

 4) Hot glue each Pair into the drilled hole (make sure they all go in the same way) Positive on top, negative on bottom.

Step 3:

4) Use soldier to attach speaker wire to each pair of LED's in a (double ring fashion)
Connect all the positives together (top row)
Connect all the negatives together (bottom row)

Step 4:

5) Solder an extra wire to each row (one for positive, one for negative) and connect to corresponding sides on the power source

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i love the idea for this project. I am a soldering and circuit newb so bear with me.....are resistors needed? thanks


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    nah, maybe if you use a different power source. We used an ipod adapter which was 5 volts so we didnt need any resisotrs, if you wish to chance the power source then resistors could be neccessary