USBASP Programming a ATMega328P With an 8MHz Internal Clock



Why would i buy something ready made when i can make it myself with half the features for twice...

We will be programming a bootloaded ATMega328P with an Arduino sketch, In the Arduino IDE, but using an USBASP programmer not the Arduino board.

This similar to USBASP Bootloading. 
You can use a breadboard for this or use something like what is used in this Instructable 

For a great tutorial about programming a bread boarded chip, see Ladyada's.  

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Step 1: My Hardware

My USBASP and my AVR target board.

Step 2: How Is This Programmed?

These things seem daunting at first, but after you understand them then it's a piece of cake.
Please follow along with the pictures to see the programming procedure.

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