UV-C LIGHT WAND MOD (bypass 30-second Timer)

Introduction: UV-C LIGHT WAND MOD (bypass 30-second Timer)

UV-C sterilising light wand


  • Batteries: 4 x 1.5V (Size AA)
  • DV Input: 6V DC
  • Lamp: 4 watt UV-C Germicidal Tube
  • Range of wavelength: 185-260nm


Step 1: Open the Casing of the Lightwand (7 Screws)

Step 2: Check Circuit

Short the collector to the emitter of the lower left WXDH 2SD882 NPN transistor and the device should turn on.

Step 3: Bypass Chip With Timer Controller Circuit

Connect a wire as shown in the pictures to bypass the controller circuit.

The voltage on the transformer goes up from 6.1V to about 6.85V.

I've left the device on for about half an hour. The transformer does get a little warm, but seems to handle it fine.



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