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Introduction: UV Glow Clock - It Spins!

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I wanted to build an unusual clock, and i had some UV Led's and glow in the dark filament on hand so here we are.
The glow disk is printed using glow in the dark (uv) PLA plastic

Parts used...

Arduino Nano (v3)
10x UV LED's (5mm)
1x 28BYJ-48 Motor (cheap stepper motor)
1x DS1307 RTC clock module
Also used was some Black PLA for the base and some M3 nuts and bolts to mount the motor.

Download and print the Face, Base & Case (case optional) from thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2775280

Step 1: Add & Wire the LED's

Push the UV LED's in to the sockets

Be sure to line up the short legs on one side, this will be the common wire.

Run a wire along the short legs and solder them all together.

Step 2: Add the Motor and Solder the Wires In

Add the motor using the M3 countersunk screws, use a larger drill bit to countersink the holes.
Pop the little blue plastic cover off the motor and cut the middle trace.

The top LED connects to D11 on the Arduino
The Bottom LED is D2 on the Arduino.
LED Common can connect to either Pin D12 or GND

The motor is wired to the Arduino like this...

And the RTC (DS1307)

See the schematic for more detail on the wiring.

Step 3: Add the Glow Disk and Program the Arduino

Push the glow disk on to the motor shaft.

Download the Arduino sketch from https://github.com/boy1dr/UV_LED_CLOCK

Upload it to the Arduino, once finished it should start spinning around and displaying some numbers.

If all is well, it's time to set your clock. In the Arduino sketch find the line that is commented out saying...
rtc.adjust(DateTime(2018, 1, 29, 21, 03, 0));

Delete the // and update the time to current time. Upload to the Arduino.

Then put back the // and upload again (or the time will reset each time the clock is powered on).

The RTC should keep reasonably good time, just repeat that last rtc.adjust step to reset it if it gets out of time in the future.

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    2 years ago

    That's a nice project! I was planning to do something similar, but maybe I'll make your project! Thanks for sharing!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Very cool. My son would absolutely love to have one of these in his room.