Nerf - UV Raider

I usually paint my guns white with black seams. I think it looks quite fine, but I got the itch to try something different than usual. So, I reached for a gun I don't care for much and this is the result... er, not to diss the Raider or anything.

-First: Matte white spray paint as usual.
-Second: UV-reactive blue, applied irregularly with a sponge. Did a bit on the rail too before losing interest.
-Third: Plain ol' acrylic cyan, applied irregularly with a sponge.
-Fourth: UV-reactive yellow, splattered around with an old toothbrush.
-Fifth: Touched up and emphasized seams and other spots with black acrylic.

Performance-wise, it's rather ordinary. I popped out the air restrictor, but the barrel still has a negative effect on distance. I thought about replacing the foregrip with a flush handle before coming to my senses and keeping it.



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    5 years ago

    Wow, nice! I tried to mod the Raider into a compact pistol, but it had a tech issue and broke. Now I just use it for scrap.

    2 replies

    Yeah, the good ol' Recon or the updated Retaliator are better in that department. They can even fire Velcro-tipped or whistling darts if you're willing to load them one-at-a-time.

    Really- I didn't know that!

    Another gun that can do that is the Nerf Magnus, it can be front loaded and can be modified to shoot paintballs (like the highly over-used Airsoft dart mod, but with paintballs and Mega darts).