Ufo Alien Gift Box

Introduction: Ufo Alien Gift Box

This gift box is perfect for wrapping small presents.

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Step 1: Supplies

paper plates
old cd/disc
small toy
coin machine toy box
iridescent or shiny ribbon
gray and silver acrylic paint
paint brushes
hot glue gun
optional: reflective tape

Step 2:

Paint the bottom of two paper plates gray. Use the silver paint to add highlights.

Step 3:

The small toy will be the alien. Cut out reflective tape for eyes. If the toy is not very tall, glue it on a bottle lid. Glue the alien to the middle of one of the plates.

Step 4:

Glue the clear half of the coin machine box to the paper plate.

Step 5:

Wrap ribbon around the dome and around the edge of the plate.

Step 6: Build a Stand

Cut the disc in half. Cut one piece from the middle to the top. Cut the other piece from the top to the middle. Put the halves together like a paper doll stand. Glue it to the other paper plate.

Step 7:

Tape or glue the plates together. Don't use so much glue or tape that it doesn't open.

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