Ugly Christmas T-Shirt/Sweater

Introduction: Ugly Christmas T-Shirt/Sweater

How to make Ugly Christmas T-Shirt/Sweater


Wiggley eyes, Gift Tag, Bow, Cousin fun pack, Stocking, Snowman ornament

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Step 1: Stocking With Eyes

Use the hot glue gun to apply stocking to T-Shirt/Sweater

Use the hot glue gun to apply eyes to stocking

Step 2: Gift Tags Chain

Use the gift tags to create a Christmas inspired chain

Tie gift tags together by strings

Apply hot glue at the end of the string (far left, far right) to end of T-Shirt/Sweater collar (front)

Step 3: Creating Christmas Tree and Design Around Sleeve

Use beads to create designs on the T-Shirt/Sweater like a Christmas tree

Apply beads along the line starting the sleeve

Step 4: Adding Some Flare

Apply bow to lower right side of T-Shirt/Sweater with hot glue

Step 5: Final Product

Now you have the best Ugly T-Shirt/Sweater : )

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    3 months ago

    Nice! : )