Ugly Jeans Into Stylish Shorts!

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Got a pair of old, ugly jeans lying around the house?? Turn them into stylish summer shorts with the help of BOBS YOUR UNCLE!!

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Step 1: Jeans

Grab your pair of ugly jeans and smack em on your legs!

Mark out with a pen where you think it would be suitable to cut

Step 2: Cut Those Oogolay Jeans!!

After you have marked out where you wanna cut them, grab a pair of scissors and cut em!

Step 3: Fold Em

Fold the two end parts of the shorts once or twice, you could use a safety pin to hold it there better (optional)

Step 4: Rippin It!

Rip/cut up small parts of your shorts in places which you think would look good, i chose to have one medium rip on one side, and about six small rips on the other(:

Step 5:

Thanks for reading this instructable! Be sure to follow me and read some of my others!

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