Ugly Woolen Shocks

Introduction: Ugly Woolen Shocks

It's a Woolen shocks made with hand knitting yarn and decorated with Christmas tree, snowman and with some cotton. Really it's look somewhat very funny!!


Wool ball hand knitting yarn
Knitting needle
Christmas tree
Cotton snowman

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Step 1: Choose Wool Ball

Firstly I choosed the wool ball. I decided to use green and cream colour wool ball to make a Woolen shocks

Step 2: Make a Shocks

After choosing wool ball I started making shocks thats quite simple to make just by knitting the wool with knitting stick. So in this way I made a shocks.

Step 3: Sew Open Parts

Now I sew the open parts of the shocks with knitting needle by using same wool.

Step 4: Make It Ugly

Now your shocks is ready and it's time to do some decorations for not to make it beautiful but to make it Ugly. For that firstly I used Christmas tree and sew it on one side of the shocks and after that I made cotton snowman and sew it on other side. After that I covered the upper side with cotton.

Step 5:

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    Thank you for sharing! : )