Introduction: Uglysweaterbots

Made in California by uglysweaterbots,
they love to help you
Their intentions are good
but their aim not so true.

Step 1: Ugly Sweater Bots at Work

If you have a plan, now would be the best time to draw it out. I didn't. I just collected all the materials I could find: the ugly sweatshirt, fabrics, findings. what little brain I have. I liked the idea of tree decorating and wrapping bots.

Step 2: Basic Layout

This is the Christmas tree on the back of the sweater. I always start with the back? It's tilted because there are decorating bots at work, or there will be.

Step 3: Placement

The little guy at right bottom is swinging from the top of the tree, hoping to get closer to put up ornaments.
I'm not sure what the upper left guy is hanging on to. Maybe he thinks he can fly?

Step 4: Front Layout

This is the front layout, a wrapping bot and gift box overflowing with "tissue".

Step 5: Finished Back

The bots have strung the tree with pink paper computer tape, in honor if the old (very old) nerds who remember the time before IBM punch cards. Now they don't know what to do next so they've picked up some turquoise ribbon - it has a small hanging ornament on it - but there is an argument about what to do, so the computer froze.

Step 6: Finished Front

Some details added, eyes, a toy being wrapped, trim on sleeves and neckline. Actually it could be worn either way to the front as I cut the binding out of the neck to a level even with the front, and re bound it with stripey green t-shirt material.

Step 7: Twas the Night Before Christmas...

T'was the night before Christmas
And all through the house
These Ugly-Sweater-robots,
are set to carouse.
They won't eat up your cookies or drink your eggnog
tho they might consume your computer log.
They play techno music
so loud your ears bleed.
They visit in pairs:
they're helpful in wrapping and fun things to wear.
Try to keep them away from the tree – oh, my
that little one thinks that it can fly???
I hope they visit at your place sometime
then they won't keep staying at mine.

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