Ukraine Map Keychain

In this tutorial i'll show you how to make an original country keychain using the tools available in each barn.

bad foundation - bad product, so let's take strong plywood


1. Jigsaw

2. Ruler

3. Pencil

4. Pack of paints, brush

5. Glue

6. Emery

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Step 1: Preparation

Draw on the sheets of plywood the background and the outline of the country

Step 2: Cut & Chumber

Сut outline with a jigsaw,

and don't forget about safety.

Step 3: Painting

Paint in the colors you like.

Step 4: Gluing & Drilling

Wait a few hours for the paint to dry.

Than we can glue two parts together.

For drilling

Stick mounting tape to the place where we will drill.


we can remove this mounting tape.

Step 5: Final

Cling to the keys

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    19 days ago

    Слава Україні!!!
    Денисе, молодець!!!

    Alex in NZ

    19 days ago

    Great design. Thank you for sharing. All the best :-)