Introduction: Ukulele

I was make this ukulele, when i start play guitar and advance on it and realize know many different kind like the best to experiment. That why i choosse to make one of you own see how it come out and understand, how it work was the best experiment to every musical and could fit their own if they need it

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Step 1: Make the Sound Bar and the Back of the Ukulele

First i find out one free templates from one video. But i was listen to that guy so i printed the templates out and spray glue and glue to the a piece wood. Push in bland saw and start cut the templates out. I use the hole saw to make the hole for the sound bar. than take of the templates after make the sound hole.

Free templates:

Step 2: Start Cut the Side of the Body

I take red oak thickness and you have to choose to cut either cut but hand i think was get exact more accuracy then some time you use the machine but have to be quick so i use machine. start out with 2 width with the side 6" 1/2". Then 2 top and bottom with the side 3" 1/2", then cut 4 piece 45 minter with the width is 1" 3/4".

Step 3: Pull the Body Together

I carefully push every side piece together and see if is good but you don't have to be perfect because after you glue together then you will sand so it is flat. I go to dish sand and sand it flat and round every point on it.( Make sure the face you pull the sound bar on make sure it level.)

Step 4: Make the Neck of the Guitar

While i wait for the glue, I go get white oak. I use also in the same with website they have the templates for the neck to but i think the one create mess up so it like have the side and the top together. but also have to diagonal cross through it. So it have to see how it is so i just get and make out on like on picture. Also in it you have the fret of the ukulele already measure so if you make the same side with that templates so it be easy like i do but one think i only 12 frets not the 14 frets. Just cut the nut on the mark on the templates have. (but some how I open at home it different so maybe what you see it not same at me)

Step 5: Make Frets and Glue Together

(Before Glue the frets to the neck my advisory is but the finished wood on before do anything and the body too.) For the frets you could buy frets from website online or you could do like me use the nail to make the frets I think i work well like the normal frets you but online. So first I just start cut the top nail out then measure the length of the nail have to be and then cut of the point of the nail out then use Epoxy to glue it together. Then if you mess up like me all over the neck of the ukulele don't worry just finished the rest of frets board then let it dry then use sand paper to clear it up (remember Just go lowly on the glue).

Step 6: Drill Hole for the Turning Pegs

Now you could the drill press or could you the hand drill to drill the hole. For ukulele you only need 4 hole because you only have 4 turning pegs. That 4 hole i just make up like square or you make the same side at the templates so you could use the templates to make the hole. because my is small then that so I make can't fit and look square. (Tip: For the screw if you want to screw in easy I advisory use the bit that small the you screw then it is easy to get in.)

Step 7: Glue the Neck and the Body Together

First i use the 60 sand paper sand the top of the body and the neck so it flat and have something to hold the glue together.

Step 8: Make the Nut of the Ukulele and the Bridge

For the nut I went to the old store and buy the old nut on the guitar and make the same size at me ukulele and then glue in. But for the bridge you use and type of wood and cut it down to same side actual size on. Then one you could buy the bridge on same store you when. Make the nut on the piece wood you just cut out and fit with that bridge so it is good. Then glue the that piece wood to the body have the have measurement one that templates too and the nut to the neck of the guitar.

Step 9: Finished

After you glue all that together then you will use the finished wood to finished it up and then you just but the string in and then turn up so you have ukulele.

Step 10: Video Test

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    4 years ago

    Nice job, Lou!


    4 years ago

    i made it with woodprix plans


    4 years ago

    Yes Lou!


    4 years ago

    Great job Lou! I can see you worked really hard on this!