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Introduction: Ultimaker 2+ Hinged Door

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This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a custom door and hinges for your an Ultimaker 2+. You can print the hinges and robot door knob on your Ultimaker 2+ and make the actual door from wood, cardboard or, as we did, clear acrylic. You will find all the files you need to laser cut the door to the correct dimensions and 3D print hinges that fit snuggly and hold the door in place.

You may need access to Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or any other vector graphics program.

Step 1: Downloading the Files

Below are all the files you will need for this project.

One zip file called "3D Printed Parts" has three STL files of all the components for the hinges and door handle.

Another zip file called "Door" that has the vector drawing with the correct dimensions for our door. There is a SVG, EPS, and AI file in the zip folder. They are all the exact same design just in different file types.

And finally another zip file named "Door_Dimensions" this zip file has the same vector drawing but with annotated dimension in the file. This zip file also has the same three different file types.

Step 2: Printing the Parts

The next step is to print out all the parts for this project.

I printed my hinges in abs using the following settings:

Nozzle size: 0.4 mm

Layer Height: 0.2 mm

Bed Temp: 110

Extrusion Temp: 245

All other settings were the default in Cura.

Step 3: Making the Door

Using the vector graphics file for the door downloaded in step two, you have a couple of options for constructing your door. You can print out the design, trace it on to cardboard or wood and cut it out. You can also have door cut out and engraved on a laser cutter if you have access to one. If you do not you can also send your files to us at Skill Mill NYC or any other company that does laser cutting and pay to have your door produced.

Step 4: Assembly

The final step of this process is to assemble all the pieces.

Assemble the hinges: Slide the black and white pieces together. You will create two hinges.

Attach hinges to the door: Push each hinge into its notch on the side of the door panel. There are upper and lower notches on the side edge of the door.

Attach the door to the Ultimaker 2+: POSITION THE DOOR before you attach it to the Ultimaker. You can "eye ball it" or use a pencil to mark the spots where the hinges snap on the printer frame. This is a pressure fit so it will take a bit of force to attach the hinges. I found that wiggling the pieces side to side slightly helped to get the hinges onto the frame.

Thanks for checking out this Instructable! I tried to keep this short and to the point but if you would like a more in depth tutorial about all the dimensions, how I created all the parts, or the post processing techniques used to smooth and shine the 3D parts, let me know at info@skillmillnyc.com or leave a comment below.

Step 5:

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