Ultimate Backpack Survival Kit

Introduction: Ultimate Backpack Survival Kit

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I turned a school backpack into a Ultimate Survival Kit !

I have been building this kit for 12 months and I have made 2 Backpacks one I keep in my car the other I keep in my house. I made sure I had shelter needs, dietary needs, hygiene needs, medical needs, weather needs, and personal needs all included in these bags. From morning to nights I can survive and even in cold and hot weather conditions. Hope these pics help you see collapsible things and camping things are compact these days.

Step 1: All First Aid and Hygiene Needs

First I started by buying first aid kits and extra first aid stuff including:

Band aids, Medicated creams, medicine from allergy medicines to nausea medicine and antibiotic creams.

My doctor gave me antibiotic medicine that i got two bottles for and put a 7 day supply in each bag.

I got 2 of all the following Latex gloves sets, tooth brushes, tweezers, nail clippers, Vaselines, Aspirin and pain medicines, digital thermometers, medical tapes, duct tapes, scissors ace bandages and first aid guides.

I bought tarps and garbage bags, toilet paper, nylon ropes, battery radios and flashlights.

I got personal hygiene stuff like toothbrushes, soap antibacterial, antibacterial lotions, thick work gloves and latex gloves.

I have been adding to these bags still and till i have no room left then I will be happy.

Every thing I got I made sure of dates that expire and if anything was perishable also.

Step 2: Cooking Pans, Utensils, Cups and Liquid Holders

I purchased kits that were as compact as possible like this cooking set and cups and liquid holding bags.

Step 3: Energy Foods and Dried Goods

I got this kit to split in to the two bags and I also carry protein bars, sugar drops for sugar needs and granola bars for energy that is easy dispensed and able to use for days on in. I keep a list of all my supplies and if I find something I need or might want I get it.

This kit is for the ultimate surviving situation and if needed I am prepared for anything I can be.

Hope you see it is easy to always have a simple backpack and turn it into the ultimate survival kit . If I breakdown in the snow or get lost on a hike I will be able to survive for at the least 7 days and at the most almost a month. Each bag will help if there is an accident to not starving. along with these things I also carry a battery pack and cords to charge my cell phones and I keep them in check every 3 months.

Hope this helps you with what to include in your kits.

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    Brian M V
    Brian M V

    Tip 2 years ago

    so Delila,

    "I have been adding to these bags still and
    till i have no room left then I will be happy."

    this shoudn't be the focus, take a smaller bag and only the essentials, thats
    the whole purpose! You need to scale down on alot of things you blatantly throw
    in your "survival" kit.

    Take the roll out of the toiletpaper, roll ducttape onto itself, get everything
    out of the packaging, break the soapbar in half and so on...

    All the food you are supposed to eat
    requires alot of clean and boiled water. Those couple of matches are maybe
    going to light 3 campfires (a pack a campfire) cause i doubt you know how to
    prepare wood for a fire (without a knife…). Or maybe carry an extra bag with
    gas cannisters?

    The amount of medicals and
    toothbrushes suggest a family of 6? (only referring to a daughter) so its
    probably a max of 3? why soo much medicals? why 6 toothbrushes?

    the pictures, nor your explanation clarifies all the ziplock bags so i cant
    see what they are (alco pads, painkillers, ointments, guesses...). But too many
    aswell! unless you really have a family of 6!

    I don't see a single cutting
    tool... the plastic handle medical shears will get you along a little bit, but
    you seriously need to consider putting a knife in there! Nothing Rambo, but
    somthing that can actually do some chores if need be.

    I do like the little radio! And I’m wondering what the purple things are…
    they look like earplugs!

    My apologies is this
    seems rude, but I have increasing trouble holding myself everytime a housemom
    builds a “ultimate survival kit” while its obvious she never spent a day

    If I was in an actual
    survival situation and I would find this along the road, I would be very happy!

    But I hope people aren’t taking this serious. If anyone thinks “I am prepared
    for anything” (like you quote) with the supplies in this instructable, the only
    thing serious they’ll be getting is Trouble! (yes capital T).

    Please at least throw the
    items in the shown picture in the bag you already have.

    It also shows some suggestions I made.

    I hope
    you take this as constructive criticism.