Backpack Survival Kit

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This is my latest update to my backpack survival kit! It is still compact but has a bit more added to it and I think the pictures are a bit better!! Hope you enjoy and that it is useful to you in some way!! Below is the list of things in my kit...

Backpack: Coleman Elate8L with 2L water bladder(The water bladder is always full)

Shelter: Cheap 8x10 blue poly tarp, Baggie of ten marbles and 100ft of twine (For making tie outs).

Water: 2L water bladder (Full) and lots of coffee filters for pre filtering.

Mess Kit: Small stainless cup, Dish cloth, Spork, Baggie of sugar, Baggie of hot chocolate, 4 Tea bags, 2 Freezer bags to put the whole kit in and a chip bag clip too make things more compact.

Fire: 3 Mini Bic lighters, About 25 matches, Dryer lint and char cloth, Fire steel.

Tools: 1 Fixed blade knife (Cammilus les stroud arctic knife), 1 D.M.T Diamond honing stone, 1 Tiny multi tool, My folding E.D.C Knife (Buck Red point knife). 

Food collection/Preparation: 2 Ziploc freezer bags, 1 Pair of disposable rubber gloves, 1 Wooden dowel wrapped with fishing twine with 1 hook and a small amount of paper towel.

Light: 1 Good headlamp with red setting, 1 Dynamo flashlight, 1 Large glow stick.

Warmth: 1 Survival blanket, 1 Polar fleece blanket (Not pictured its what I took the pics on)

Navigation: 1 Map of your area, one mapping compass and the knowledge of how to read and use both.

Personal touches: Harmonica, Lip chap, Notepad, Pencil and lego eraser:)

Not pictured items: 4 Small sewing needles, Heavy thread, Mini roll of gorilla tape.

Thanks for reading!! All comments even mean ones are welcome!! Please tell me anything you think I should add  or swap for something else!!

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I suggest adding salt to your pack. Not only does it make food taste (much) better, and provides a little necessary iodine, it is also needed to help replenish your body salt levels after dehydration due to, e.g., diarrhea from water-based pathogens.



    4 years ago

    Iodine tablets are nice because you can put them in the water bladder and filter during your hike

    1 reply
    camping crazywolf112

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yah they are good too have!! I try to avoid sterilizing tablets though because there are way to many instructions, water amounts and even a time limit before you can drink the water


    I have added 4 small birthday candles, a bit of brass snare wire and ordered a life straw.


    Those are good ideas!! I might order a lifestraw sometime but I do have my tin cup for boiling water. Where can you get a map marker I have never heard of them before... I usually just use a pencil. Thanks!!


    5 years ago

    While you do have enough water for one day, you don't have any way of purifying it. A life straw would be a great addition. With this kit you can only fish, so maybe add snare wire. Other than that it is great!


    5 years ago

    If you are going to have a compass and topographical map. You might want to throw in a map marker and protractor.