Ultimate Captain America Shield

WWII ultimate cap shield.
This is my first intructable.

Step 1: Choosing the Wood

I went with a 2'x2', 1/2" oak plywood. Then drew out an 18" wide by 21.5" tall basic heater shield design.

Step 2:

Step 3: Cutting It Out.

For lack of tools, here i just rough cut with a circular saw, then took a Dremel to finish it out. A lot of sanding is needed to smooth edges and points.

Step 4: Canvas Wrap and Paint the Back.

Lay canvas on wood glue covered shield, moving from bottom to top flattening as i go. Cut out exact shape 1 1/2" bigger to be able to fold over to back side. You'll next need to carefully glue edges and back while folding canvas over. So it doesn't bunch up much slit the canvas as you go folding it over itself pulling taunt. Only slit up to the back edge so you won't see cuts on the sides or front.
Next once dried(a few hours) I spray painted the back Navy blue.

Step 5: The Straps

I chose a faux leather, 1" foam padding, and one of my wives old leather belts. Everyone will be a little different, I measured from biggest section of forearm to middle of hand for the strap placement. Drill 1/4" holes for carriage bolts to hold straps(USE WASHERS). The arm rest i cut a rectangle to fit inside the straps slightly longer and wider to stretch over the padding. Start with the top securing the leather with 3/8" carpet tacks(1 box). Putting pudding under leather smashing it down placing tacks down the sides then bottom.

Step 6: Draw Design

This was the most tedious part. Firstly covered with gesso for brighter white and so the paint won't soak in on the next step. Went with the 11 stripes, 15 stars design.

Step 7: Paint

Pretty self explanatory. Used standard acrylic red, white, and navy blue.

Step 8: Fin

And here is the finished shield with my helm.



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    5 years ago

    I figured I'd put the full costume as the cover here. Actually this is 95% complete.