Ultimate Case Painting Guide PART 5


Introduction: Ultimate Case Painting Guide PART 5

About: I'm an amateur custom painter that loves to share all the cool tricks that i learn along the way.

This is the final video in the series.



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    LMAO!!! nice work!! speaking of witch, between here and airbrushtricks.com i'm now late for work. Take care and thanks!

    I LOVE your videos. except, you really need to get a better video camera cause it's lagging so that your voice is ahead of the actual video.

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    that doesn't necessarily mean his camera, it could do that due to down sizeing of the original video

    I have been painting and modding for a while now and I see why my results could not compare to professional. I was not spending near enough time in finishing. Great video, very pro editing. Thanks for the instructable!

    like you said, im gonna track you down and shoot you. :P. very nice project, im thinking about the type of thing, but i dont have a computer to paint, anyways. very well made videos! -gamer

    Looks great. Those are expensive cases though. Probably could turn around and sell it for 2 or 3 times what it is worth.

    Great tutorial, thank you for doing this. All your vids are wicked. what do you do if you don't want as glossy a finish?

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    You can do two things: - Just don't buff the clearcoat as much. - Or use a Matte clearcoat and don't buff it. Whatever you do, you still want to use some type of clearcoat. The clearcoat is what protects your paint job.

    Almost forgot, what are the differences between painting a plastic case and a metal case? Is the process the same?

    That is a friggin' nice case right there (and expensive). My friend has one. But nice job on the case, it looks good.