Ultimate Convertable Sewing Hutch




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I've sewn for over a decade, and have always griped about the tininess of my available worktables. In fact, more often than not I lay all my fabric out on the floor, but still can't be bothered to vacuum first! My solution was to design my own table, the ultimate table, with a huge work area that could still be folded out of the way when I didn't need it. Comprised of seven or eight (I can't remember) 72'' x 6'' x 2'' pine boards, and almost a hundred 2.5 inch hand-driven screws, this hutch was the result. The shallow depth of the desk portion is perfect for sewing comfortably at, the shelving perfect for just the right amount of other essential tools, and the work area of the fold-out back ginormous!

Unfortunately, this is still a work-in-progress. The back as you see it here is actually missing its other half, as well as the folding legs which will support it while in the down position.

This hutch takes two men to move it, and is strong enough for a grown man to jump on! Well, at least on the front of it. I wouldn't test such a thing on the hinged part despite there being 6 brass hinges. My dad calls it an arc!

It is unlikely that I will finish this by the contest deadline, therefore I shall post it as is.

In the end, I envision covering it in decorative engravings and dark polyurethane enamel, perhaps even attach a set of brass candle holders to *attempt* a cliche-Victorian look. After all, why can't something perfectly functional also be tons of fun? :D




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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Have you finished this project? I'd love to see the final piece and how it functions.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    me too. .interested to see the final product. .love these convertible ideas. .
    good luck and keep us posted .


    6 years ago

    Interested in seeing the final product.