Ultimate DIY Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

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So mother's day is next month in India and worldwide its celebrated on various dates like in US Mother's Day was in March.
Okay, moving on to the video. If you're following my channel from start you'd know that I try to keep everything budget friendly. So is this one to add expensive things depends on you but I give you Ideas. You can make the exact same or make changes according to you. These are very easy to make, In this video I'm showing 5 DIY gifts for mother's day. Material I'm using is easily available, not at all costly. Most of them you'll find at your home. So I've made rock decor with photograph of my maa & me, she loved this one the most ? Second I made a set of cute drawers which consists tiny scroll and each of them has a reason written inside why She's special. Third one is very easy I've used a old wine glass and filled it with candy and scrolls. Fourth is a DIY Scratch Card, you can easily make a scratch card from photo paper white crayon and acrylic. There are many ways one is using dishsoap and acrylic color. You may use whatever you can reach easily. Last one is a pinterest inspired mother's day greeting card. Haha I obviously had to make it.. how is any occasion complete without greeting card right? This is a pun card. I love pun cards. ? So if you like these ideas do let me know. ?

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