Ultimate Graffiti Reaper Designer Toys

Introduction: Ultimate Graffiti Reaper Designer Toys

I been Designing Toys for a little while Some of my earliest work has been a 3D Printed Spray Can character that like to spray graffiti work with it's own tiny spray can. I made numerous variations of this guy in Many different sizes.. This time i wanted to try something with skulls and graffiti.. As you can see by my 3d model screenshots i changed my design many times but i finally found a couple of pieces that i'm pretty happy with.

This is my tribute to the graffiti culture that also happen to love skulls.

So Step one 3D model.. 3d model some more... and hopefully come out with a final 3d model

Step 1: 3D Print

These guys were printed in two pieces. Pretty much to make them larger than 5 inches in a 4 inch something 3D Printer.. So after both pieces finish printing don't Forget to glue them down

I Only had Bright yellow material.. but no biggies.. i will have to prime them later.

Step 2: Prime, Sand and Repeat

As i Stated before you can glue and sand them down with a dremel.. Then apply acetone to melt the smaller particles of plastic into a smooth surface.. like i did in this Blue Meth Throne instructable


or you can buy this 2 in one primer that will fill up the layering effect left by the 3d printer and then sand it down.

like i did in this instructable


i prefer the later because it saves me from fumes and extra work..BUT IT WOULD SAVE ME A LOT OF WORK if you please vote for me so i can get a FORMLABS 3d printer that doesnt leave this layering effect!!


Step 3: Paint and Paint Some More

I just recently picked up airbrushing.. i'm not that good with it but i'm trying.. i couldn't get exactly the look i wanted so these guys have like 10 layers of paint on them.. but i'm finally happy with them..

I used a Fluorescent green paint that glows under a black Light to add a little creepy factor..

Hope you enjoyed my instructable and vote for me

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