Ultimate Guide for Making a LED CUBE

Introduction: Ultimate Guide for Making a LED CUBE

About: Hi , folks i am Aman and i like to make electronics projects and robots. I also like to make aero models like a plane and quadcopters are one of my favorites .I am a 10th class student and i am very much devot…

Hi folks , i was very fascinated with these LED cubes and i decided to make one .... BUT BUT BUT there will be a problem which will you face when creating your very own LED cube .....Which is from where to start and how to start but for solving that problem i have a solution and that solution is this instructable ...:) So lets start from basics but before starting i would like to show you my 3*3*3 LED cube project .....Please got to this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEfUHxgDdGo

NOTE : In this instructable i am not going to explain each and every aspect of LED cube ..i will just share my research by providing you some very good links so you don"t have to waste time surfing internet that how to make an led cube .

Step 1: Starting From Basics ...Till End

When you start your search you will notice that there are many irrelevant instructables related to LED cube.

If you are a beginner then i would suggest that you should go for a 3*3*3 LED cube with arduino which would be the simplest ...and here is the link for that

3x3x3 LED Cube with Arduino Lib

if you want to build something big with avr directly here is the link for it

LED Cube 4x4x4

and if you are super exited and want to build really big here is the link

LED Cube 8x8x8


LED cube using 4020 Ic and 555 IC

Step 2: CONTACT Me and Ask Your Doubts

Gmail : amansinghaljpr@gmail.com

Fb : https://www.facebook.com/aman.singhal.7921

and as always you can directly comment and i am always ready to answer them regarding LED cube or any electronics related problem

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