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Introduction: Ultimate Guide for Travellers

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Ever felt sick carrying many items during your travel?

This instructable is for people who want to make travel easy.

This can be useful for Van Traveller, people who are stressed of packing a lot of objects, people who want to make something out of the waste and much more.

This is a secret DIY for traveler like us

We will explore how to avoid the problem.

Step 1: Hack 1: Space Occupied by Lotion Tubes

This occupies more space.

Step 2: Hack 1: Innovative Way to Save Space by Replacing Moisturer

Thats it. So simple. We can replace all the moisturiser tubes into a small pack and it occupies only a less space.

Step 3: Hack 2: Space Occupied by Tablets and Cases

There is a lot of tablets that are need to be carried. This occupies a lot of space.

Step 4: Hack 2: Optimized Tablet Case

Step 5: Hack 3: Space Occupied by Dresses

The dresses occupy a lot of space while packing.

It is even tough to close the bag.

We often tend to forget the pair of dress and the schedule we have planned to wear it.

Step 6: Hack 3: Pack the Dresses in Packs and Label Them

We can roll the dresses in the bags. This can be put into the bags and labeled according to the day in which we are planning to wear this.

Step 7: Thank You

If you want me to post on more traveler hacks, comment below and vote us for the contest.

Step 8:

If you find any interesting travel hacks that you want to share, post it below on comments we will add it.

Thank you.

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its illegal to carry pills in anything but the bottles they came in and can land you jail time depending on the situation. also a ranger roll followed by vaccum bagging will save much more space.

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This is true if it's prescription but not for things like aspirin, activated carbon, vitamins, OTC allergy, lactaid, etc.

Also while you're packing your meds, you should check if the medications you are carrying are legal in the places you're travelling to.

Kinda true but only if the police or security are able to identify it right away one of the officers worked with arrested a man with some otc allergy mess and he was in jail for four days until the the lab opened on Monday to tell them it was legal he was still charged for not carrying them in a proper container and wasting government resources and was given time served

For meds, i downsize from the bottles and pack 3 days more than my trip. I than take close up picks of the scripts on the bottle with all the info. If you have trouble remembering what each pill is, lay the bottle on its side(propped by cotton balls or whatever, than lay one pill on bottle before taking your picture.
I store this on my phone and in the cloud service(in case phone goes kaput..

Thank you

don't use tabs and pills unless the doc asks you. carry no cream, just a tiny soap and few shampoo. Why the hell so many stuffs ? do you nerd them ?

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It is very important to take pills while we r going for a trip becoz we cant assure what will happen. Sometimes people get cold or fever due to change of climate so we should carry pills with us while we r for a trip. And some people may use lotions regularly, for them this will be useful.

If you are flying, you should probably keep prescriptions in their original bottles. If your luggage gets inspected, they really like being able to identify all those pretty colored pills.

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Is that so? thank you. I wasnt aware of that. But I thought it can be kept compact in carry luggages so that there wont be much need to check.

You never know when they will randomly search bags. I live in Michigan near the Canadian border and they tell us to keep our meds on their prescription bottles because they randomly pick license plate numbers to choose the vehicles they search. Also, if something were to happen to you while you were traveling, the doctors may need to know what meds you are taking and in what doses.

Is traveling concerned only about flights. There are a vast type of travellers. This can be useful for most of them.

I wonder if you could take a photo of the pill bottle and prescription label (with your name on it), and if that would suffice?

I never thought to ask. You could ask if you knew anyone who worked in a customs office. A travel agent might know. I know that schools want all meds in their original bottles.


1 year ago

I always put my face cream into a smaller container-- enough for the time I'll be camping. Although I have one, I don't use a "dopp kit" (what's the female name for that?), but instead 2 ziplock bags, one for evening and one for morning. I wear contact lenses, so some things get shifted between bags, but I find it useful when trekking to the bathroom.

Another item I found useful which I believe can be found at REI or camping stores is a "squeeze tube." You can put peanut butter, mayo, etc in them, and seal them with the clamp provided. They take up less space and make it easy to dispense.

I also carry a small zip log bag of baby wipes, which really helps when water is less available for showers, etc. They aren't recyclable, but I've found them to be useful, even when adding oil to the van, etc., and needing to clean my hands.

I have all kinds of bungee cords in my Wesfalia that I use for all kinds or purposes, to hold doors open, to stretch across an area where I want to keep something from slipping, to attach a small portapotty to the back area (I installed two large eye screws).

A roll of toilet paper is useful (keep in a ziplock to keep it clean) when travelling and having to make pit stops in places that might not have paper. Good also as a substitute for kleenex, etc. I'll post more if I think of them. I'm about to go camping next week.

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My van has a storage area up top where you can store things in "dry bags" (used in canoing and kayaking), like clothing you are not likely to wear as often, or larger containers of things that don't fit well down below and are used less often. The bags are weatherproof. I assume you can find them at camping stores, and canoe & kayak stores, and online, no doubt. Very useful!

Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of informations. If u have made some or using some of them post some pictures so that we can understand clearly. Thank you Cat00x

This is awesome and it will be really useful for travelling.

I find this project useful. This will definitely help me while travelling.