Ultimate Helping Hands Station

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We build a pair of helping hands  and station to assit us with our soldering projects. Sorry for how fast our video goes but we had to compress 2 hours worth of video into 80megs of video so it was difficult.

We used the top cover of a Projects box to place our hands onto. The rest of the video is explained to be best of our ability in a low time schedule, enjoy the video and as always leave us some comments, suggestions , and visit our site to show your support :)




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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Greate DIY!

    I hardly dare to suggest:

    This is mainly for a soldering station. So, why not include a plug for the soldering iron and, drain from it the electricity for the led lamp? With the proper diode and resistor, it would save using the battery.
    Also, instead of copper wire, I’d probably try steel cable from an old bike brake. It would be more flexible, and the tension from the four arms would make a stable hold, still allowing some downward flexibility, should you use too much pressure with the iron.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great result considering materials used. ALWAYS use a resistor with the LED! 


    lol @ "A+"
    but hell yeah.. nice instructable..i'm making my helpings hands like heese right now.. thx HM--Innovations


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry guys, but the ULTIMATE helping hands is the one where you put all your components infront of it, go and make a coffee, then when you get back it has built your circuit for you!

    Your next Instructable, perhaps?

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