Ultimate K'nex Grenade- With Pin!





Introduction: Ultimate K'nex Grenade- With Pin!

a modification to a famous knex grenade by halo99. except without the shrapnel, and with 3 rubber bands.


16 red connectors
8 yellow connectors
2 white connectors
2 single slot connectors
a yellow rod
a grey spacer
a Y black connector


Step 1: The Pin

This is the most simple thing in the world, second to rocket science of course.

Step 2: The Grenade

Make this. you don't really need instructions for this part, do you?
Why, just look at those pictures! OMG!

Oh yeah, don't forget da rubber bands.

Step 3: Putting It Together/ Blowing Up

insert the yellow rod with the grey spacer in the bottom of the grenade and squeeze until the black connector on the other bit can go on sideways. Then to fire, put your hand in the position shown and flick the grey connector up. It will pop of and the yellow rod will drop through. Then throw!
It wont explode while the pin is in, actually it is very strong.

Blast radius: 5 meters.

Have fun destroying walls.



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    I was building this and when I put the rubber band on the grenade imploded!

    Dude i had to wrap my bands around twice, and when i tested the pin, it actually crushed in the middle a bit, so it was bent inward. however, when i reinserted the pin, it went back to normal. VERY POWERFUL WEAPON!

    Love it!! Easy to build, awesome range and lots of shrapnel!! *****

     I looked at the knex website and apparently you can order knex parts individually. If I were to buy the parts for this grenade, it would cost me a grand total of $5.48 US currency. That's kinda expensive.

    1 reply

     built it, it completely rocks! I give it 9/10, -1 because sometimes it can be annoying to put together.  But it definitely works, doesn't use up too many pieces, and can be made in less then 5 minutes.  :D

    Im CoNfUsEd CaN yOu PoSt MoRe PiCs?

    do you click em in other wise is so hard to keep em there??