Ultimate Sandwich Sauce: Sriracha Italian Dressing

Introduction: Ultimate Sandwich Sauce: Sriracha Italian Dressing

I love sandwiches. I'm like the kid in Bad Santa with my sandwiches. I don't make them as much as I'd like because I tend to spend too much time making them.

You might ask, what is my favorite sandwich? Well, that would be the Italian Sub from Firehouse Subs. It's a culinary masterpiece in my opinion. I usually tweak it by adding various hot sauces from their extensive selection on to my sandwich. This is my inspiration for this Instructable.

I decided to use ingredients that I already had at home to make my own sandwich sauce to speed up the time it takes me to make a sandwich at home. It's incredibly simple as you'll see. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Ingredients & Supplies

Bottle of Sriracha

Bottle of Italian Dressing

Clean and empty dressing bottle (Optional)

Step 2: Make the Sauce

This is the "hard" part. Two methods:

Empty Bottle Method (Pictured)

  1. Add Italian dressing to your empty bottle. You want to go about 75% full as the sauce is mostly made of Italian dressing.
  2. Add your sriracha to the bottle. This is not measured, but done to taste. If you like spicier, then add more. If you like less spicy, add less. Pretty easy.
  3. Put lid on bottle and shake.
  4. Test out and add sriracha until you get your desired taste.

Full Bottle Method (Not pictured)

  1. Use this method if you don't have an empty bottle.
  2. Pour out approximately 25% of the Italian dressing from your new bottle into a small dish or cup.
  3. Add sriracha to the existing bottle.
  4. Put lid on and shake.
  5. Test out and add sriracha until you get your desired taste.

The 75% full is significant because if you add too much sriracha, you will still have room to add more Italian to tone it down.

Step 3: Label & Enjoy

I used some blue painters tape that I had handy and a silver Sharpie to label my creation. Dating is not important but is nice incase it gets forgotten. I'd recommend noting the expiration date of the Italian dressing and using that as a baseline for when the sauce will expire.

Now, create your sandwich and apply the sauce liberally to your sandwich. I added some dill pickle spears on the side and a couple ears of corn from the night before with some Zapp's Voodoo chips. This was a great lunch.

Enjoy and thanks for reading my Instructable.

And, Roll Tide!

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