Ultimate Silenced Potato Cannon


Introduction: Ultimate Silenced Potato Cannon

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So we finally got this thing to work right, a silenced potato cannon :) We hope yall enjoy this video as much as we did, hopefully we can get everything finalized and ready to go to upload the step by step instructions :)



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    I find butane and a gas syringe works much better and fires a lot farther. Also means wont get any waxy residue on inside like will with air freshener or hairspray, only residue is water vapour which blows out of the chamber anyway, try it and see what results you get :)

    Instead of using air freshener when i made my cannon we used a gas syringe and butane.....means you wont get any waxy residue on the inside like you will with freshener or hairspray etc so inside stays clean (only residue is water vapour which will blow out of chamber), and also fires a lot farther!...recommend you try it out and see what results you get :)

    love how the combustion chamber pipe is labelled "not for pressure"

    Make sure you check your local laws before trying this.... In some states (or countries) silencers are illegal.... Then again, so are potato guns. Nice ible though. +4, nicer result.

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    Yea you're going to be in trouble regardless of you having a silencer or not, and thank you :) we actually painted our cannon too, using the Shark Teeth design that you find on most of the Antique Fighter Planes :P