Ultimate Weather Response Vehicle (WRV)

Introduction: Ultimate Weather Response Vehicle (WRV)

My friend Jason and I are looking to build the Ultimate Weather Response vehicle. Living in the southeast we are plagued with bad weather. With hurricanes in the summer on the coast, to the severe thunderstorms and Tornadoes in the spring and fall, and the ice and snow in the winter we have a year round battle against nature. We have experienced and helped out in some of the worst storms in US history (Winter storm of 1993, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, The April tornadoes of 2011). We have done to the best of our abilities to help out those in need but we want to be able to do more. If we have a truck that is outfitted just for disaster relief we can help emergency crews get in and also take supplies into the areas where people need them most.

Jason (DOB 12/04/1983) has 7 years experience as a auto mechanic and automotive electrician that has all the experience needed to get this truck running without failure and has the experience to design and wire the accessories needed. His hands on electrical knowledge will be a driving force in getting this project underway. I have 4 years hydraulic experience and 8 years as a computer technician. I have been building things my whole life. I work with wood, steel, electrical you name it, I can do it. I am a natural born troubleshooter and problem solver and have worked in very high profile critical situations. With my problem solving and fabrication skills as well as my real life hands on skills there is no task I can not complete.My DOB is 6/19/1980

The following are the add ons we are going to perform to the vehicle with the prize money to make this the ultimate weather response vehicle:

Vehicle:1978  5/4 ton dodge crew cab forestry service will need minor repairs and updates for safety and reliability

Oversized tires and spares: This will give us the ability to drive over small debri
On-Board generators: We will use these to power the many accessories to help out those in need
Rescue auxillary lighting : One of the biggest problems lately with storms has been looters. With the ability to light up an area looters will not have places to hide in the dark.
Chainsaw mounts: This will be fabricated by me to hold multiple chainsaws for cutting away trees and debris.
Front loader bucket: We will install a small front loader bucket complete with hydraulics on the front of the truck. This will give us the opportunity to cut trees and move them or even use it to help pick things up off of trapped victims.      
Front and rear winches: This will give us the ability to drag and pull anything that needs to be moved from the road and it will also give us the ability to pull out vehicles that are stuck due to ice or mud.
First aid kit: We will carry a small first aid kit to be able to disperse non invasive first aids supplies for minor injuries.
EZ up shelters: When the heat is blazing down on you and there is no longer shelter people just need a few minutes of a break from the elements. These shelters can also be used with sides to block out rain and cold. People always need immediate places to get little ones in out of the elements.
Fuel storage tanks: We will have an onboard fuel storage tank to keep our saws and generators full so we can work around the clock.
Custom roof rack: we will fabricate a custom roof rack to give us the ability to carry more supplies and also give us a vantage point to see where we will be needed the most.
Multiple rechargeable lights: We can have these charged and ready to go when we have to get far away from the truck.
Ham Radio: This will give us the ability to communicate with emergency personnel
Weather radio: This will give us the ability to monitor the current weather situations.
Two-Way Radios: This will give us the ability to communicate with the volunteer crew.
Sattelite Phone:  This will give us the ability to make emergency calls when the phone towers are not working.       Cell Phone charging station: One thing that we have experienced is that when there is no power people cannot charge their phones. With a multiple charging station people can charge their phones to contact loved ones.              
GPS locator:  Linked to our website this will give people the ability to see what area we are working. They will have to ability to send an e-mail to our home base and give us messages to give to people they know in the area
Hand held GPS: This will give us the ability to find our way back to the truck.
Water filtration pumps:This will give us the ability to pump out water for people to clean up.
Onboard air compressor:  This will give us the ablilty to air up tires and provide air where needed.                                                    Misc. Safety Equipment: hard hats, chain saw chaps, gloves etc. to keep us safe when working.

We feel like all of these add ons will make this truck a great asset to the fight against inclement weather. There are ultimate vehicles that go out before and during storms that track storms but you never hear of a giant vehicle that comes out for cleanup. We want to be that beacon of light that shows up in the night that supplies the people with what they need to make it through the next few days. Some times it is the small things that make the biggest difference it times of tragedy. Please give us the opportunity to provide those small things to people in need. Thank you for your consideration.

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Admire your ideas, but that's all this is. I truly don't see how penning one's thoughts qualifies as an Instructable. It's a concept without an actual build which would address application issues. I look forward to your build.


    Reply 4 years ago

    This was originally submitted for a build idea contest. That had a cash prize to build your project, so since we did not win there is not an instructable to go along with it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I'm a severe weather photographer/videographer and some of these ideas are really great. Many people don't realize how much spotters (and chasers as well) help the Weather Service in their efforts to predict and warn about severe weather. SOME things can ONLY be detected live and in person ... if not, the Hurricane Hunter aircraft would have been retired a long time ago as would the human space flight program! Good luck with your efforts and aspirations. Your disaster relief work is truly appreciated by those who have experienced the effects of very bad weather (Katrina, Andrew and Gustov here). Keep writing.

    Lynn in New Orleans, LA.

    Have you considered having an onboard water filter system (RO) to make potable water on site ? Would save the weight & fuel involved in hauling it all... GREAT IDEA THOUGHT !!! got my vote


    7 years ago on Introduction

    sounds like a very worthy project, just be careful you don't make it too heavy! be aware that your roof rack will alter your centre of gravity and could make your vehicle unstable, keep heavy gear as low as possible.
    As a member of several response teams I would say give yourselves enough spare space to be comfortable as well. Have some sort of arrangement so you can warm up food and drinks for yourselves, you might also want some fold down bunks or keep a tent and camp bed for the crew to put up if they get stuck.
    After the Christchurch eq water was off for a considerable time- those 20 litres for a family of 3 were nowhere near enough! Consider having space for bottled water to hand out. Consider having glowsticks to handout as the power will be off. Consider cheap tarpaulins for emergency shelters that can be handed out. The phone charging is a good idea as it lets the community stay in touch (assuming cell is still working). So is LOTS of spare fuel- after chch there were only 3 petrol stations open for a city of 500,000 for several days after the earthquake. If you want to stay mobile make sure you have plenty.
    I would also recommend that (if you haven't alread) you undertake courses in chainsaw use and off road driving so that you are up to date on proper techniques and safety procedures- being trained will also give you more credibility.
    Good luck with the project guys and keep everyone posted!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for all the input. Keeping extra tarps is a good idea, we used them during Katrina for make shift shelters and stop water from raining into peoples homes temporarily until they could get there things out.. As far as the sleeping quarters go we are going to put extendable poles on the roof rack to hang hammocks just in case we get stuck somewhere. Off road driving school is another great suggestion for anybody in any situation. We have both spent several years in off road driving clubs learning how to maneuver in really rough terrain.

    As far as water goes we have both been in situations where it has gotten scarce. When I was in South Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina everyone went to this one persons house with a swimming pool and got the water out of it to use in toilets, washing dishes and to try to keep ourselves clean. We would have to send people over a hundred miles out just to get bottled waters back to our location so we would have water to drink. I do not want to be in that type of situation again so that is the reason for this truck.

    I really hope we win, we will be able to help out and be much more prepared when disaster strikes.