Ultimate Zippo Pipe Lighter

Introduction: Ultimate Zippo Pipe Lighter

For those who enjoy the hobby of pipe smoking, upgrade your zippo pipe lighter to add a built-in tamper.

Step 1: What You'll Need

zippo lighter with pipe insert (I prefer an aftermarket butane insert rather than the traditional zippo pipe lighter insert that uses liquid fuel)
one 5/16"  slot head screw, 1.5" long (this will act as your tamper)
one 5/16" coupling nut (this will hold your tamper)
JB Weld

Step 2: Attach Coupling Nut to the Zippo

lightly rough up the bottom of the zippo and the coupling nut with sandpaper.
Clean both surfaces and remove any oils that may be on them with lighter fluid.
Mix up some JB Weld and apply.
Affix the coupling nut to the bottom of the zippo and let dry for at least 12 hrs

I centered the nut on the bottom of the zippo.  If I could do it again I would move the nut further towards one end, so that I could extend the tamper even further without removing it entirely from the coupling nut.
For a cleaner result, tape off any areas of the lighter you don't want to get JB Weld on using masking tape

Step 3: Enjoy

Now you've got a pipe lighter with a built-in tamper. 
To use the tamper, you can either unscrew it entirely remove the tamper from its holder, or you can leave it attached as pictured.

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