Ultimate Altoid Survival Kit #2





Introduction: Ultimate Altoid Survival Kit #2

simple. fast.easy.could safe your life.

Step 1: Important Material!

one more thing before we get started make sure you have a circular altoid can...ot rectangluar but if you do look at my other altoid kit search ultimate altoid survival kit and its the first one.

Step 2: Materials

These are my materials i included

1) 2 rubber bands
2) 2 cough drops
3) one energy pack
4) finger light
5) nail clippers
6) compass with a mirror on it

congragulations u just made your own altoid survival kit comment and look for more of my altoid kits if you search."ultimate altoid survival kit"



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    not ultimate, I'd say. But if you want upgrades here are things to add:

    compact tweezers

    dental floss roll

    alcohol wipes

    needle (for sewing / splinter removal)

    2 or 3 tea bags (boiling water helps with sterility; tea makes it palatable)

    2 or 3 condiment paper packets -- salt, sugar, etc. (add to tea for a gatorade-type beverage)

    2 or 3 safety pins (double as fish-hooks)

    thehbird, I wouldn't trust a rubber band do be a good tourniquet. What is the purpose of tying you hair back? I'm sure you can easily squeeze water out of a stem with your hands.

    Stoping bleeding tieing hair back tieing the stem of a plant and squeezing water out if the stem

    I've seen several kits include rubber bands. bought a bag of multi-sized bands over 10 years ago. Even w 2 teens (at the time) & a roommate we havent emptied that bag yet. Other than using a Very heavy duty one as a sling shot for hunting if you're lost & hungry in the woods, I don't know what else smaller ones would be used for in a servival situation. Could any one tell me? Maybe I just havent thought of the right things.

    Nail clippers?
    Swap it for some matches and striker, flint, snare wire or something useful.
    Very poor.

    this isn't for survival. this is for a trip to wall-mart

    why make a kit ? just put that stuff in your pocket and then make a real kit... sorry this isnt a great or ultimate kit ..

    Everyone thinks they need to hunt or trap or fish. Studies show that the average survival situation ends within 72 hours, either by rescue or by discovery of the body. In that amount of time (and even longer) you can survive on your stored fat, and if energy starts to drop, the cough drops are in there for a short-term boost. That being the case, don't waste resources on hunting, trapping or fishing. Put water purification tablets, matches or a lighter, a blade and some cordage in there. Rubber bands are not cordage and can't be used to make a tourniquet. And if you have the cough drops, you don't need the energy pack, especially since you can't use it without purified water.

    whats the point of the cough drops?

    I think that's a pretty good idea because it's smaller than the rectangular one, so it can fit in a lot more places. But it can't fit that many things that you might need like fishing hooks, wire for snares, band aids, a Swiss army knife, matches or anything else.