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Hi there, i'm a Carpenter who is a lot on the road to decorate shops and put up exposition fairs

i have searched for a good mobile toolbox that is also easy to handle and were the tools are clearly visible and easy accesible..

because i didn't find what i was looking for i decided to make one myself!!

the cabinet dimensions are 130 cm height

65 cm width

47 cm depth

because it would not be possible for one person to lift this in and out the van without breaking his back i made it in 4 pieces

please let me know if you have tips or if i misspelled or write something awkward, this is not my native language,

i'm from Belgium ;-)


Step 1: All Pieces Are Cut From 18 Mm Popular Plywood (lightweight)

the three boxes have the same

- base and lit ( 65cmx47 cm)

- sidewalls (47cmx34,5cm)

-backplate (61.4cmx34.5cm)

Step 2: At First I Put the Panels Together With Metal Pieces to Keep Everything in Place..

Step 3: I'm Using Screw's Instead of Glue, This Way If Can Change a Panel If Nessecary Over Time...

Step 4: The Drawers Mesures 60x47x15

Step 5: Drawer Locking Device

i wanted easy accesible drawers but they have to lock very well so they do don't pull out when driving the van.

with these hide away button's the drawers are locked tight and easy to open!

1) a washer is welded on a bolt (M8 x 70)

2) the bolt is glued in a plastic table leg protection piece

3) in the back corner of the drawer i fixed a metal corner with an old wheel axle welded on it

4) the bolt slides back and forth in the axle

5) i fixed a spring on to the bolt so it returns after pushing it

Step 6: A Dolly Is Welded From 30x10x2 Metal Tubes and Flightcase Wheels

Step 7: Where to Put the Cordless Drills..hmm..

i want the best place to have these because the drills get used a lot..

i was thinking of placing them on the inside of the doors, so when the doors are open you just have to grab them and throw them back in ( as a matter of speaking of course ;-)

this is wat i had in mind..

1) cut a tube (50x50x2) 10 cm long

2) cut the corners out to make a funnel (4cm long)

3) hammer it down

4) weld the sides

5) cut the extra wings

6) weld those together

7)when the funnel is ready weld it to a plate

8)let's give it a test hang

9) great succes!!

Step 8: Mounting and Locking the Doors

1) for these sliding locks i used some scrap metal and a board magnet

2) the hinges are cut out 3 mm deep, besides it looks nice this way i can open the doors at their maximum..

Step 9: The Tool Stencils Are Also Milled Out 3 Mm and Painted

Step 10:



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    2 months ago on Introduction

    Bonjour, je suis brésilien. J'ai utilisé le traducteur Google pour traduire votre texte. J'aime votre panier. Je vais essayer de faire un. Je ne suis pas un charpentier. Je suis un électricien, mais j'ai beaucoup d'outils à stocker ici au Brésil. les bois déjà dans la bonne taille alors je monterai

    1 reply

    Reply 2 months ago

    allé, la bonne chance é, beaucoup des gens prend des photos quand je suis sur la chantier haha


    2 months ago

    Hi, do you sell the drawing ? I want to make one by myself but I don't know all the dimensions.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 months ago

    i don't really have a drawing but i will put some measurements of the wood panels in the first step soon so that can help you on your way...


    5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this! I'm planning out a similar cart to use while I'm doing light woodworking in my apartment-building basement. I have to get everything out and put it away every time, and that can take so much time! If I could just roll out a cart that had my saw, drill, Kreg jig, clamps, etc., it would be so much faster.

    Plus having a place to set things down between steps, instead of setting them on the floor (and tripping over them)!

    But I've been worrying about how to have enough floor space for a cart in my storage closet; there are other things that take up floor space.

    I hadn't thought about stacking boxes--those I could take off and put on a shelf, and then I can just grab three things!

    I'm going to have to think about this.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    maybe for one person to lift i would make smaller boxes because now they weigh 40 kg each with al the stuff inside...


    Question 1 year ago on Step 10

    Hi. Do you make these to sell? (Can I buy one from you and if so, how much? :)

    1 answer

    Answer 1 year ago

    i hardly have time do make my own projects, sorry for that ;-)


    Reply 1 year ago

    when i'm busy on a project it is sometimes hard to sleep ;-)


    2 years ago

    I need something like this NOW!

    Great job!


    Reply 2 years ago

    not really, the black metal rims hold them in place, even in transport, just have to strap the top one and the rest stay's put..