Ultimate Pregnant Mom Costume.





Introduction: Ultimate Pregnant Mom Costume.

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This may be a little on the macabre side but I guarantee it will generate some strong reactions, both positive and negative!   My wife wore this while handing out candy last year, and people were taking photos and calling their friends to see her

Our son was born November 6, so by the time Halloween rolled around, it absolutely felt like he was trying to burst out of her belly like the original "Alien" critters.  I thought, "he probably just wants some candy!", and so this costume was born.

Making it couldn't have been simpler.  I used a stretchy, spandex-like maternity tank she already had on hand, an appropriately sized baby doll from the thrift store (the kind with plastic arms attached to stuffed fabric body) and some fake blood from the Halloween store.  I cut two holes where I wanted the arms to protrude, making them much smaller than the diameter of the arms so the fabric would have to stretch to accommodate them, thereby holding them in place.  I placed the arms, then sprayed some fake blood around the exit points.  Once my wife put the shirt on, the tension of it stretched over her belly kept the arms pointed outward.  I added a tiny jack-o-lantern candy bucket (he was wanting some candy after all), and it was complete!

You could tell as she was handing out the candy that some people thought she was REALLY sick.  People either laughed out loud, or were unable to hide their disgust.  Either way, it was AWESOME.

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    2 years ago

    Haha! it's hilarious! hope you win!

    This is awful

    This is so fantastic! Such a great idea! The little pumpkin pail is the icing on this cake.

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

    2 replies

    This costume is epic! My wife's sister posted a pic of it on FB and she loves it. I wasn't surprised to see it on Instructables, good job.

    My wife now wants me to make it for her this weekend, she is due Nov. 8th so she is just the right size. LOL I have a question though. You said the shirt just kept the arms in place? I figured you had to have something flat to keep them from pressing through the shirt. Can you confirm?

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    The doll arms I used came from one with a fabric body and plastic arms. Where the fabric attaches to the arms it's wider than the arms themselves, so I just made the holes so the arms would barely slide through, then the thicker fabric section kept them from going all the way through.

    Thanks for the compliments, and post a photo here when you get it done!

    Oh, you lucky man. Is there anything more atractive than a pregnant woman? A pregnant woman with a sense of humor no less...

    OMG! That's the BEST!!!!
    Maybe i can make one for the 9yo girl next door. she's not preggers but it'd be a great social comment :D

    And ladies, from one to another, there is no reason to be embarrassed about the way you look when your preggs. You have a little person in you so of course you'll look a little "lumpy." Be preg & proud!

    Are you telling us this picture was taken a week before your son was born?? She looks to be about 5 or 6 months pregnant here, not 9!

    Thanks for all the compliments, everyone! My wife was very self-conscious about her appearance when she was preggo (that's why she didn't let me show her face, ha!), but I agree that she was as hot as ever. :) Thanks for the support and votes, maybe if we win she'll forgive me for posting this up!! Lol!!

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    When my wife is pregnant, she's way too self conscious as well.

    I can't convince her otherwise, even though everyone knows pregnant women are just plain hot. I can't even get her to flaunt the temporary additional cleavage. Sheesh!

    This would be a nice costume to tell abortioners that the baby does in fact want to be born. LOL

    Wow, front page, I'm honored! Thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone. Yeah, my wife is definitely just as twisted as me, and a good sport to boot. I might still be in trouble for sharing like this though, lol! Hopefully there'll be a prize in store to soften the blow come November. :D