Ultimate Sawhorse, Rockwell Jawhorse Mate

Introduction: Ultimate Sawhorse, Rockwell Jawhorse Mate

Well this is my first instructable hope you take some ideas from to build your own , also Enghlish its not my native language so excuse all the mistakes.

This is my Ultimate sawhorse at least for my needs.

Its inspired in y rockwell jawhorse , the jwahorse its amazing but its so usefull its always doing something (holding my mittersaw or something else) when I need to clamp something so I decided to make his perfect partner,

Its make with only one and a half six foot 2x3, its very light and strong enough to hold my weight , I dont think i will put something heavier than my weight in them., it takes almost no space in my micro workshop and its very versatile.

Its very easy to make(the only tricky parts are the end off the legs they have compund angles on them) you can build one in about 2 hours with a few tools , you onle need :

2 1/2X3.5 inch bolt

1 1/2X5 inch bolt ,

3 1/2 locknuts


1/2 inch bit

and a Miter saw (its the best) but you coluld use a tablesaw or also you can do it just with a japanese saw(I made one of my two sawhorses this way just to use for first time my new saw)

I'm Working in some atachments also I will post a free set of plans so you can build your own. Stay tunned

If you have some ideas to add to my design I will be happy to hear them.



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    Almost done. It's been taking me a little longer than I expected. I should have it out in the next few days. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.

    1 reply

    I'm currently in the process of putting together my own Instructable that takes this idea and runs with it. I built in a quick release vise and converted it over to a mini portable workbench. I'll post a follow up when that Instructable is completed.

    3 replies

    Oh I will be happy to see the improvements of this sawhorses, Please send me the link when you publish your work.

    Great idea. Perhaps some one can come up with a clamp, perhaps similar to dumbhead shaving horse.

    1 reply

    Oh, I could be a great adition I didnt think about that because my ziliss vise and one that i have from stanley always become my first choise when clamping, Maybe for my next pair i could incorporate one like you told thanks for watching

    very nice sawhorses....I have a project coming up soon ( garden shed roof repair) and I think I will build two of these to help with cutting sheet goods in the garden, beside the shed.

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    Thanks for watching if you want , the plans are avible now if you build them post some photos , thanks.

    Those look great, when might you have plans available? I really want to make these as I have a big project coming up and these would be super handy.

    2 replies

    I already have some plans but because of the dual bevel on the front legs take maessures to the pivot points are some confusing so I'm thinking how to make them more easy to explain, if i dont get a good plan i will post it on grabcad so everybody can make referenced meassures from different points to make more easy to undestand.