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Introduction: Ultra Bright Portable LED Lamp

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Hello ,this is my first instructable hope you all enjoy with this ....

This is a very useful portable led lamp with adjustable arm, it gets power from battery so that we can use this lamp as emergency lamp when power shut down.

to do this no need much more knowledge in electronics ...it will be come very simple with my instructions...

now lets make this lamp .....

come on....

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Step 1: Components Required

list of components required

  1. Teak wood - more than 10 feet
  2. DC jack -1 no.
  3. Resistor [470ohm,1/4 watts]- 1 no
  4. Resistor[4.7 ohm,1/4 watts] - 1o no's
  5. Led red color[10 mA] -1 no's
  6. Led white color[8mm,1/2 watts,150 mA]- 10 no's
  7. Battery [4v ,2.5mah] - 1 no
  8. Switch[0n & off ] - 1 no
  9. PVC flat sheet -as required size
  10. Diode[IN4007] -1 no
  11. Wire -as required length
  12. varnish- 50ml

Step 2: Teak Wood Cutting

now we are going to cut the teak wood as per our required size and length

i have mentioned all the details in photos just refer that before going to cut !!!

cut the wood for three different parts

  1. Base
  2. Arm
  3. doom

for Base we need:-

4 numbers of 14.5 cm length wood.

one number of 10cm,11.5cm,13.5cm,12.5cm.

then for Arm we need:-

each one of 10cm.21cm,26cm,7cm.

finally for Doom:-

2cm 2 no;s

9cm -2 no's

11cm -2 no's

now we got all size of woods to make portable lamp

Step 3: Drilling and Cutting

so now we are going to make some holes in arm and square cut

just drill some holes on arm to fit in the size of screw and drill a hole on base to fit the small red led & for DC jack

then make square cut in the size fo switch and then fix the switch,small red led & DC jack in place

Step 4: Make the Base...

Here we going to make base of the led lamp so just take the teak wood and arrange the the woods as shown in images ...just use iron nail to fix the base but now dont close the top of the base because we have to do circuit connections so now just fix the bottom and side walls with iron nails permanently..

one more thing we have to do here just cut the middle edge of two top of the base teak wood as shown in image

Step 5: Make the Arm Setup

This is very simple step ...here we are going to fix the arm setup with screw ...simply fix the arm as shown in the images

Step 6: Make the Doom...

Making the doom is last part of wood work...this step also little bite simple ...here just place two 11.5 cm wood and fix 2cm, 9 cm wood on the top ...before going to fix these with iron nail just take one 2 cm wood then fix with this last arm and make small hole in that 2 cm teak wood to give space for wire

Step 7: Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagram for the 5 watts ultra bright portable table lamp

In this circuit the diode is used for block the battery reverse current

specification of this circuit

each 4.7 ohm resistor dissipates 56.87 mW & the color code for 4.7 is yellow violet gold , all resistors dissipate 568.7 mW together, the diodes dissipate 3850 mW ,total power dissipated by the array is 4418.7 mW the array draws current of 1100 mA from the source.

so from the above specification we may know that our lamp will work continuously for 2 hours

Step 8: LED Attangement & Connection

First take the flat PVC sheet & make the LED in array as shown in image then solder it as per the circuit diagram then connect two wires to give positive and negative power supply..positive power supply is given to resistor end and the negative power supply is given to (i.e black wire) LED cathode end...generally LED having two legs one is called anode another one is called cathode ...anode is positive and it have long leg compared to cathode..

here one thing u have to mind ...LED connections only in doom but other than LED all are placed in base

Step 9: Final Arrangements & Testing

now we are in the position to do final arrangements & testing ..for final arrangements just close the doom with flat PVC sheet with LED lights then close the base similarly shown in image ...after that test the charging unit by connecting the nokia charger on DC jack now that red LED will show u that battery getting charge

after this make varnish coating on all the parts...

Step 10: We Got an Ultra Bright Portable LED Table Lamp

great job !!!! now we got a lamp that have unlimited features......

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    Thank u


    3 years ago

    Really cool lamp! How long did it take you to make?


    Reply 3 years ago

    just 2 days...