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The square circle skirt is quite popular. The tutorial for it is all over the sewing/ crafting websites. But I couldn't find any tutorial for it in instructables, so I thought of taking the opportunity! I never thought that sewing skirt could be sooo easy and fun! I'm a beginner in sewing but still I find this skirt sewing ultra easy! You don't need much, only 6 materials and you'e ready to go.

Don't wait, make one funky square skirt right away :D

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this skirt you'll need:

1) Cotton fabric - 1 yard, for the bottom layer,
2) Net fabric - 1 yard, for the top layer,
3) Elastic,
4) Matching thread,
5) Sewing machine,
6) Pins,
7) Scissor.

The skirt I made is short, if you want it to be longer you'll need to use more than 1 yard. But I think it looks cute if it's short and even cuter if you wear it with leggings.

Step 2: Designing

I'm not very good in designing dresses. But I tried to draw what I wanted to make, though it didn't turn out to be anything like the skirt I made! 

Step 3: Cutting the Layers

Take the cotton fabric, make sure its length is equal from all sides.
Now, fold it into half, and then fold again (into half).
As you need to cut a circle right in the middle of each square fabrics, you'll need to sort out the radius of the circle.

Here's how you do it: Measure the waist and add 3-4 inches, then divide the total number by 6.28 to get the radius.

Now. use a compass to mark a line for the circle from the closed corner of the folded fabric. Use a chalk to mark the circle line.
Then. cut the fabric at the line.
Fold the net fabric twice, similarly. Now use the previous cut out round piece to cut another circle from the net fabric.

Step 4: Arranging the Layers

After you're done cutting, now arrange the 2 pieces as you want.
I placed the cotton fabric on the bottom and net fabric on the top (see picture).
I pinned both pieces together around the circle, so it wouldn't move.

Step 5: Final Step!

Take the elastic, hold it around the waste and stretch it (make sure it's comfortable). 
Cut out the elastic, keeping 1.5 allowance. Now sew both sides of the elastic, by keeping 1 inch over another and use the zigzag stitch.
Now pin the elastic around the circle (right side of the skirt). First pin the front side, then the back side and then the rest. 
Now it's sewing time! Stretch the elastic of each part (between the pins) as much as you can, by covering the whole fabric around the waist. Use the zigzag stitch. Sew all around it and done!

Wasn't that easy! I hope you enjoy making it :)

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    1 year ago

    I wish I'd found your template before starting my project... My tulle pieces are currently in trapezoid/triangular shapes that need to be connected together (they look like your photo from "Step 3", before your unfolded the layers). I realize it'd have been much easier to use one large piece of tulle to make the circle like in your design, but given that these are the only fabrics I have, do you have any tips for how to salvage my project?

    Please help if you can!


    2 years ago

    i'm going to make this for a school disco, i can't wait to see if i can actually make it.

    Simran Sharma

    3 years ago

    wow so easy. I will try one day


    4 years ago

    Hi! This skirt is super cute! I'm wanting to make it but I wasn't sure if you used 45" or 60" fabric for it. Just curious. Thanks so much! This is a great tutorial. :)

    1 reply
    Muhaiminah Faizjenweg

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I'm not quite sure, it was probably 45''. Post a picture of the final product, I'd love to see it.


    5 years ago

    Wow! That's so much easier than I thought it would be!

    i"ll try...actuly i d"nt sew ever,,bt ur way iz so easy ...i also dnt like aftr seeing ur nacles i made 3.n a cmplete set 4 my niece braclete pins nackles..1st 1 was not good,closen part iz a bit nw i can handel easily..