K'nex Gun K1 - 100 Foot Range!





Introduction: K'nex Gun K1 - 100 Foot Range!

A simple, ridiculously strong and powerful gun made out of K'nex. True Trigger. Not rapid fire. Build time: 35 minutes

What you need:
44 yellow semi-circle connectors
21 green connectors (not rods)
82 green rods
50 blue rods
26 white rods
6 white snowflakes
15 grey connectors (one thing-that-connects-to-other-things)
5 light grey connectors (two things-that-connect-to-other-things)
4 red connectors
2 orange connectors
1 blue/black movable connector thing (not all kits have it). A picture of this piece is below.

Step 1: Barrel

Make 6 of what's in the picture, as the barrel of the gun.

Step 2: Front Portion

It's just what's in the picture.

NOTE: The green pieces are connected to BOTH of the upper blue rods.

Step 3: Rear Portion.

Again, make what's in the picture.

Step 4: Handle

Make what's in the pictures. There are two things to make. One of them is depicted in the first two pictures, the other in the rest. In the first picture of the second object, it's inverted.

Step 5: Trigger

Pictures 1 and 2 = Trigger A
Pictures 3 and 4 = Trigger B
Picture 5 = Trigger C
Picture 6 = Trigger support (make 2)

Step 6: Bottom Attachment

Make two of the first picture, three of the second.

Step 7: Assembly

Put all six pieces of the barrel together (picture 1)
Add the front portion (picture 2)
Add the rear portion (picture 3)
Put together the handle (picture 4)
Clip on the first part of the trigger to the bottom part of the rear portion and add the handle (picture 5)
Add the second part of the trigger (picture 6)
Add the third part of the trigger (picture 7)
Add the fourth parts of the trigger to both sides (picture 8)
Clip on the first parts of the bottom handle (picture 9, inverted for the picture)
Put on the rest of the bottom handle (picture 10)

Step 8: Loading and Shooting

Put a yellow connector in between the two orange rods and the blue rod in front of it. The third prong down from the edge of the yellow piece goes in the hole of the orange connector. It should stay put. I used a connector from a different set so you could see it in the picture. It's grey.

Take a rubber band (the best ones to use are said in the next step) and put it from the two green prongs in the front (picture 2) to the space in the back of the yellow connector that you just put near the back. BE CAREFUL! Press on the orange connectors to keep the yellow piece from sliding out.

After the rubber band's on, slowly remove your hand from the orange connectors and pull the trigger!

Step 9: Tips

Rubber bands: Go to your local food store and buy some vegetables that are confined by a rubber band that says "Produce of Peru" on it. They're usually purple or something. If you can't find those, just get some rubber band off some vegetable in the produce section.

Replacing Ammunition: If the trigger seems very sensitive, replace the ammunition. Also, this gun has a huge reputation of breaking the ammo. Make sure you have a lot!

If you find anything wrong with the documentation or the gun (primarily the trigger), please tell me about it.



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    54 Discussions

    hi i just built your gun! it is really great, really powerful too. one thing, the accuracy is that good. but good gun! 4.5*

    1 reply

    looks good. the comments are so positive it got me to build the gun lol. and with that much power and the small size it should have a bit of kickback!(Recoil) but slingshot's only get me 60 ft so i'll be amazed if this does make 100ft

    2 replies

    thanks and good luck :D you will be. btw, for range not power, use snowflakes as ammo. andyeah, the rubberbands mentioned are the best. i'd know. ;]

    HAHA! THIS IS CARNAGE! I've only tryed it with 1 #64 rubber band and it's ridiculously cool! lol 4.5*

    i have another one ready... when i have enough time i'll get to it. it's basically the same gun with a pulley mechanism that's really tough, so that it's more likely to kill someone by throwing the gun at them than shooting them.

    THIS GUN DID NOT SHOOT 100 FEET FOR ME! ...it shot 150 at an angle. 5*

    I modded your gun quite a bit: I shortened the barrel by one of the six components, at the front where you attach the bands, I used orange connectors and put them right at the front, I changed the ammo to orange connectors, and at the front where you attach the bands, I clipped a white rod in so they don't fly off every time.

    1 reply

    The white rod idea is genius. I came up with a bit of a variation on that bit... the V looking connectors so that you can bend them back and replace the rubber band easily. Do you mind if I post it on here?

    hey a tip for fast and powerful bullets before firing use WD-40 or another loosner in the barrel it makes the bullet faster and more powerful

    1 reply

    There is no barrel... and all that would do where the ammo goes is make it shoot higher and spin more, the way it shoots. And plus, the object of this gun was to make a really good gun that most people can build with even the most basic sets, and no extra tools. But thanks, though.

    i made loads of mods to your gun, and now its awesome and shoots 200 feet, but not very accurate, i removed the handle, made a mag, made shorter, and changed the rubberband mechanism, i will try and post mods

    this gun is wicked i love it the instructions are easy to understand :) 5/5

    I love this gun; You know I do because I typed in knex in the search bar and went through eighty some pages to find it. 4.5 rating and favorited. I will use this trigger and firing system in a missile I am making, with your discretion, of course. I like the trigger because you do not need a rubber band. It snaps back into place because of distortion. Great gun!

    1 reply

    Awesome, thanks a lot. And of course, use it :D If you can, post a link to this, though. I'd definitely appreciate it. -Drac