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There are days when I try to make my fishing trip as light and pleasurable as possible, and there are days when I take everything, including the sink.

The instructable is for the ultra light fishing trips when a small box of tackles, a hemostat and maybe a Swiss Army Knife is all I need. After losing a few hemostats and in the same time searching for a decent way to carry even less tackle I ended up with this simple solution.


Step 1:


wine bottle cork string or lanyard - you can use even para-cord, but it is not mandatory.


electric hand drill and 5 mm wood drill

Steps: Open wine bottle, save the cork, drill a hole in it, run the string through it, make some kind of loop, enjoy glass of wine. The wine bottle cork is buoyant enough so you can save the hemostat from sinking, the lanyard is visible enough to find it on the ground, and the cork can hold enough flies for an afternoon of fly fishing.

NOTE: the cork is not buoyant enough to stop your knife from sinking.



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    3 Discussions

    Hook Up TV

    3 years ago

    Pretty sweet! Tightlines!!!


    3 years ago

    I've done something similar with corks when I was younger, but I always lost my flies. They always seemed to get rubbed off from the cork while I was hiking from the car to the stream. Do you have a special process that you make sure to follow to prevent this?

    1 reply
    zoran popoviciJobar007

    Reply 3 years ago

    I`ve added a wire and two snaps for heavier lures (I will add a picture soon), regarding flies I never lost one.