Ultra Modern Bookshelf Simple and Clean

Introduction: Ultra Modern Bookshelf Simple and Clean

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I saw a really modern looking bookshelf and I wanted it. So I decided to make it. In my mind, one form of ultra modern equates to straight lines, angles and irregular patterns superimposed on symmetric shapes. That is what this Instructables is aimed at: ultra modern!

Approximate cost: $30 (not including paint)

Things You Will Need

  • 2 @ 1"x8" 8 foot long finished pine
  • 2 @ 1"x2" 6 foot long finished pine
  • Wood glue
  • Screws (or nail gun + nails)
  • White Primer
  • White Paint
  • Black Paint

Step 1: Cutting the Wood to Size

Cut the two 1"x8" boards into eight 20" long pieces. Make a 45 degree cut along the base end grain of one of the boards. This will be the first angled board attached to the base.

Step 2: Start Assembly

Measure in 5 inches from the edge of one of the 20" boards. Fit the board with the 45 degree angle to the base board along the line you just drew. Using a drill bit, predrill and counter sink from the bottom of the base board into the angled board. You should now have a "y" shaped construction.

Now measure 8 inches in from the free end of the angled board and draw a line. Apply glue along this line then butt the next 20" board against it and clamp. You can shoot a few nails into it if you don't want to wait around for the glue to dry. Continue the process of measuring in 8 inches and attaching a new 20" board until there are 7 angled pieces attached together.

Step 3: Continuing the Assembly

The shelf will evolve as the photos show above. The symmetry goes as follows, each end piece sticks out 8" from the its ajorning shelf. This ensures at least 8 inches of shelf space. Take care and make sure that the board to are attaching is square (completely perpendicular to the joining shelf). Otherwise, you will end up with a wave shelf.

Step 4: Attaching the Backbone

Lay the two 1"x2" 6 foot long boards along the back of the bookshelf. Flush the end grain of the boards with the base board of the shelf as shown above. Align one of the boards with the vertices of the shelf butts (where one shelf meets the other). Then measure 5.5" over and line up the other board. You want to measure 5.5" all the way up the shelf to ensure the boards are parallel.

Now attach the boards with screw or nails. I used screws because my shelf wasn't perfectly square and I didn't want to the boards separating from the shelf.

Step 5: Prime Paint Paint Seal

Fill in the holes created by the nails and screws, along with any gaps at the joints. Sand the surface and wipe away the dust. Now hit it with some primer. After the primer follow up with a white semigloss. I did two coats of white semi gloss.

I wanted to add some accents, so I painted the edge of a few of the shelfs black. I was going for minimalism while still having style.

Finally, spray the shelf twice with a polyurethane and let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 6: Load Up Your Shelf and Share!

Now you've got a sweet looking bookshelf! Throw some books up there and share your work!

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