Ultra Poor Man's Rotary Tool



Introduction: Ultra Poor Man's Rotary Tool

Though rotary tools aren't expensive today, a lot of people can't just afford one. This mini rotary tool cannot handle serious crafting but shall be good for sanding plastic and wood.

P.S.: Sorry fit poor photo quality. I took it from my ancient phone.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

- 1x RC motor
- 2mm heat shirk tubing (or whatever that fits onto the motor's shaft
- 1x shoe polish can cover
- super glue
- 1x battery box
- (optional) switch
- hammer
- 1 concrete nail (for drilling a hole)
- (optional) clamps ( idk what is the term, I am not a native speaker, tell me if you know)
- hair dryer

You will want to replace the polish can cover wih your blade if you are sing it to cut stuffs.

Step 2: Add a Strip of Heat Shrink Tube

Cut a piece of heat shrink tube which measures 3mm, slip it into the bearing and heat it with your hair dryer.

Step 3: Flatten the Shoe Polishing Cover

The tin can is not perfectly flat. Use your hammer to fix that from INSIDE until it goes flat.

Step 4: Make the Hole

Put your nail over the center of the cover with the inner side up. Use the hammer to hit the nail until it creates a small hole on the cover.
Then use your clamps to hold the nail and drill into the hole. Apply constant but not big force on the nail. Drill it till it is approximately the size of the motor's shaft. (Don't make it too big or it will be total failure. )

Step 5: Fit It In

Apply some force till the motor shaft goes through the hole on the tin. Then add a piece of heat shrink tube measuring 1 mm to the top and heat it. The Tim cover should be fixed and shall not wiggle. If it does, add a EXTREMELY SMALL amount of super glue to where the shaft and tin cover joins. If you are sanding with it, add your sandpaper to the top and push a stopper made with scrap materials to the top. ( anything small enough and with a. Hole that fits tight onto the motor shaft will work. )

Step 6: Finish!

Power it up with your battery box.(not exceeding 3 volts) Congrats! You made your own makeshift rotary tool!

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