Ultra-Portable Led Lamp

Introduction: Ultra-Portable Led Lamp

About: I am a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Who loves Travelling, Nature and above all ELECTRONICS and SOLDERING :p. Want to make a breakthrough in my feild of study.

Why did I make it?

I am an Electronics Engineer so I need to solder quite often. I need a lamp which I can place anywhere according to my needs of soldering and place of work. So I designed a very simple and ULTRA Portable led lamp.

I didn't buy anything for this project from the market So, any electronics hobbyist can make this at home.

Step 1: Stuff You Need.


  • 24 White LEDs.
  • 1 Red LED.
  • 1k resistor
  • Male Connector pins.
  • Female to female wire.
  • Conducting wire.
  • 4 Diodes (25 volts).
  • 1000uF Capacitor.
  • 220V-12V step down transformer.
  • Soldering set.
  • PCB.

Other stuff:-

  • Soft Metal sheet about (15 cm x 7 cm ) or any other thing which can be bent easily again and again
  • 1 or 2 alligator battery clip.
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • cardboard.

Step 2: Circuit Diagrams and a Bit of Maths

Here is a circuit diagram for our lamp I hope you understand that. Basically, the thing was I thought of making it totally by stuff available to me at my home.

This is how the circuit works, the rectifier circuit converts 220V AC supply to 12V DC supply. If someone does not know the how rectifier works can ask me in the comment section. The rectifier shown above in the pics is one I made earlier for a project so, you will find some components which are not the part of circuit diagram so, just ignore them.

And here's how LED matrix is designed. It composes of 24 LEDs (white) connected like 6 x 4 matrix. 4 LEDs being in series and in parallel with 5 other groups of LEDs connected 4 in series. We don't need a limiting resistor because:

Voltage drop across 1 White LED = ~3 Volts

So, voltage drop across 4 White LEDs = 12 volts

So, we need not connect a limiting resistor. Also, the other 5 groups in being in parallel so same voltage drop across them is also 12 Volts.

So, now just solder the components on PCB and they should look like the above pics.

Step 3: Joining the Things Up

Using a piece of cardboard and a double sided tape attach led matrix to the metal sheet/plate and make sure that no part of led matrix directly touch the metal sheet/plate otherwise it would short circuit the matrix which obviously we would not like to happen :p Also join the alligator battery clip to your sheet to attach it where ever you want.

Step 4: Final Setup


I hope so you like the project and also find it useful. If any kind of question you have regarding the project any component used or anything else about it you can ask in the comment section below. I am always happy to help. And my sister is quite loving it. :)

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