Ultra Simple Nintendo Controller Holder

Introduction: Ultra Simple Nintendo Controller Holder

Do you, like me, prefer to use Nintendo's Wireless Gamecube Alternative? Do you need a place to put it? Do you have 5 minutes?!

Then you should definitely try this very easy, bare bones K'nex Holder!

This K'nex Holder is very efficient on parts, but is also very sturdy, and also takes up very little space! This holder also has the added benefit of being able to hold Nintendo 64 controllers, and even regular Gamecube Controllers!

P.S. Sorry for the blurry images.

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Step 1: Parts List

The following are necessary:


4x 135 degree connectors (in green)
1x   45 degree connector (your choice of colour)
1x   90 degree or 180 degree connector (I use the 180 degree)


2x 16mm rods (little green guys)
4x 54mm rods (in blue)
2x 86mm rods (in yellow)

Grand Total: 14 parts!

Step 2: Assembly

Starting with the main part of the base, assemble as shown in the first image.

Once you have completed this, attach your yellow and blue rods to the bottom, as shown in the second image.

Complete your Holder by attaching either a 90 or 180 degree connector to the 2 blue rods, as shown in the third image. This connector adds the stability to hold up your gargantuan controller.

And you're done! Enjoy!

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