Ultra Fast Partridge Fired Eggs !



Cook partridge eggs in seconds in the microwave oven!

Fast and cool!

Ideal for sandwiches, salats, garnish... 



Step 1: You Need:

A glass

The egg(s)  Small eggs are easier to cook than the big ones. I used partridge eggs.

Some vegetable oil / butter or similar


Step 2: Prepare and NUKE IT !

Put a few drops of oil / some butter in the glass

Open the egg, and empty the egg in the glass

Nuke in the microwave oven for 4 - 7 seconds with max power, or 30 - 40 seconds with the minium power ( I / III )

(Maybe you listen some explosions in the microwave, but they don't splash the interior of the oven, they only will spash the glass)

And that's all. You have your delicious nuked mini fried egg! You only have to put salt on, pepper, spices...

I love to put it in sandwiches!

See photos!



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