Ultra-safe, Ultra-scary, Steampunk/Halloween Scary Saw Blade From a CD

About: I'm Jared. I was born on Halloween so i am usually really enthusiastic about it and i am just one of those people, those known as creative inventors.

I'm doing a Halloween haunted house for my church and i had this brain-child when i decided i wanted to throw some Steam into the mad scientist lab area. This is extremely simple and you should have all of the items around your house it took me about 3 minutes for each sawblade. Later on i will probably attach an airsoft gun motor to them and spin it, not the safest idea but what the heck. HAVE A GREAT HALLOWEEN!

Sharpie (doesn't matter what color you will just use the writing as a guide)
Garden shears (i think they work the best but if you have a Dremel tool, have at it my friend)
Pocket knife or something with a blade that you wont get tired of using after a while (i used good old american Winchester)
CD any type (i just realized that all my Instructables have something to do with CD's)
Metallic spray paint

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Step 1: Scrape the Finish Off of the CD

This is an essential step that will remove the finish from the CD. The one i used made lots of sparkly glitter and confetti on the edge of my knife and everywhere i scraped it. It looked like i had just annihilated Edward Cullen. And for this purpose its a good idea to do this step over the edge of a large plastic bag. This is the longest step of the process.

Step 2: Clean It Up

After you have removed all the finish off the tape, it is vital that you wash the CD under water for the spray painting process and dry with a towel. Don't worry if it has a couple of specks left on the CD it wont matter in the end and its too hard to get every part.

Step 3: Making Guide Marks

You should try and make a shark-fin-type mark on the edge of the disk so that the tip hits the edge.

Step 4: Cut Out the Edges

Use the garden shears or dremel to cut out the sharp parts. If you are using the shears, use only the very tip of the shear.

Step 5: Paint!

This is the artsy part, use whatever scheme you want. I used steampunk metallic bronze.

Step 6: Use the Disks in Whatever Creation You Can Think Of

Thanks for viewing! Favorite my Instructables and follow me! Comment with what you did with these disks in your own creations.

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago

    No offense but just because there that color dosent mean there steampunk


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Here's an idea to keep it "super safe", but have a spinning weapon.

    Take a CD player and remove the motor with the part that attaches the CD to the motor in tact.

    Wire it to a simple button press and a battery supply so that it can rotate whenever pressed.

    Attach to a pvc tube / stick / cardboard thing, with the motor at one end, attach the cd saw, and put the button press at the end.

    The cd motor shouldn't spin to rapidly as to cut people or cause a danger (too much). You could add some resistance to cut the flow a bit to make it slower.

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    A quick use would be to slot them into the ends of cardboard tubes, to wave around as "weapons".

    (Maybe add some fake blood to the points?)