Ultralight Backpacking Stuff Sack




Introduction: Ultralight Backpacking Stuff Sack

DIY tyvek stuff sack

1 tyvek envelope
Pair of scissors
Cord locks
Braided fishing line
Needle with large eye
Safety pins

Step 1: Envelope

Start with a tyvek envelope. Cut off the flap.

Step 2: Cut

Cut a 1 inch slit down one of the top sides. This is where your rope will come out when the stuff sack is finished.

Step 3: Fold

Fold the top over.

Step 4: Rope

Cut rope to be about 4 inches longer than the envelope is around. Singe the ends of the rope with a lighter and pinch to seal so the ends don't fray.

Step 5: Position Rope

Place the rope under the flap.

Step 6: Pin Flap

While rope is still under the flap, safety pin the flap closed.

Step 7: Sew

Cut a piece of fishing line that is two and a half times the length that the envelope is around.

Thread the needle with the fishing line and then tie several knots at the end to create one large knot to hold the line in place when you start sewing.

Start sewing between the rope and safety pins until you have sewed all the way around the flap. Make sure you secure the last stitch with several knots to keep it in place.

Step 8: Add Cord Locks

After the fishing line has been sewn in and knotted to keep the line from coming undone, add a cord lock to each end of the rope or one large cord lock with both ends threaded through.



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    10 Discussions

    There is less hassle about re-using if you just turn it inside out so the company logo can't be seen before sewing. Did you use the fishing line because you don't have a sewing machine or would a sewing machine perforate the tyvek too much?

    2 replies

    I used the fishing line so the stitches would be farther apart therefore less holes and because I'm lazy and did it feel like setting up the sewing machine.

    I got chewed out from a shipping company for packing stuff into a clearly reused US Postal box as they stated it was illegal. I love the idea, just be careful with the Post Office stuff.

    Better to reuse than throw away.

    This miss use of posts office supplies is illegal, just something to consider.

    1 reply

    This is a great idea! So simple and almost free.