Ultralight RC Glider From Scrap

Introduction: Ultralight RC Glider From Scrap

About: I got started making remote controlled airplanes from scratch as a kid. I really like building my own stuff!

This is an airplane I built a while back. I built the airplane on my kitchen counter, using mostly cyanoacrylate glue and balsa. The goal on this project was to make the airframe as light as possible. The finished model had a 36" wingspan and weighed 148.8 grams. The control lines are music wire, run through the carbon tube. I use a spectrum DX6 radio system with this airplane, which has more than enough range. 

It floats and circles pretty well. Haven't put it in a thermal yet. 



I recommend printing the templates on card-stock or index, it makes tracing much easier. 

The plans would have to be printed on a roll, which can be done at most printing services. Ask for it to be printed on a two foot roll. And be sure to tell them not to scale the drawing to fit. Its 48 inches wide. 

The plans are intended to be laid flat on a table and used as a building guide. Ideally on top of a flat piece of foam board for pinning the pieces in place while they dry. There are markings next to the fuselage to help align the walls. I will make an instructable sometime in the future with build instructions and photos. 



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    have you tested payload capacity??? if yes then please let me know..

    Hi. What thickness balsa did you use?

    Plans are now available! Let me know if you see any issues, I just drew these up. I haven't actually built an airplane based on them yet.

    Ok, im working on plans, they are large format though. (36 x 24) So, you will have to take it to a printing service, but still really cheap. Like a couple dollars for the full scale plans. still a work in progress.

    Then im going to do letter sized pages with templates of the individual parts.

    Unfortunately, no. But im thinking im going to make another one of these soon, and I will produce plans for it when I build it. Maybe ill draw up some plans anyway, if there is enough interest.