Ultrasonic Scale




In this project i will guide you how to make a digital scale using Arduino uno and some other items

This is a very easy to do project

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Step 1: Items Required

1.Arduino uno

2.Ultrasonic sensor

3. LCD display

4.Couple of jumper wires


Step 2: Connecting Everything

Just take look at the diagram given above it shows you how to connect the LCD with the arduino.

You may skip connecting the potentiometer it is not necessary.

Now connect the ultrasonic sensors vcc to arduino's 5volt.

then trigger pin to 6th digital pin of arduino.

Echo to 7th digital pin of arduino

and Gnd to gnd of arduino.

Step 3: Code

Given above ino file is the code to be uploaded to the arduino uno.

It is also given in a text document.

Step 4: The Finished Project

Some video clipping and pictures Are given above

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