Ultrasonic Sensor Robot Car Running With Used Motorcycle Battery With LCD Screen

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This robot car works with ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 and powered with used 12V motorcycle battery.

Step 1: Body of the Robot Car

Make the robot body using Plywood and a flat piece of wood.Cut the plywood into a 9 inches by 6 inches small piece.

Step 2: Parts Needed

The parts needed for this project is not so much expensive.we need five important parts which are arduino uno, one HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, four 150 RPM geared motors, a L298 motor driver and a used 12 V motorcycle battery.

Step 3: Tools & Other Accessories Needed



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I can't wait til this is done!!! Using 12v batteries is what I've been searching for fo' years!! Come on now...get back to it amitray!