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Introduction: Ultraviolet Light Spheres (and More)

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Some UV LED flashlights, some bodging with a cordless drill + a plywood offcut + copper wire, and a compact camera with a "starry night" setting (long exposure, e.g. 15-60 seconds) allow you to create awesome light paintings very easily. It's essentially the ultraviolet, power tool version of the E bola. Stand still to create a circle. Slowly rotate to create a sphere. Walk around to create a wormhole-like tunnel. Walk away from the camera to create a hyperspace effect. It works just as well with other color flashlights too, of course - it's good fun, and you'll baffle people if you make one of these pictures...
See the second-to-last photo to find out how I put the spinning light source together. The spheres here are about seven feet across, and hover about six inches above the ground.



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    Is this potentially dangerous for on-lookers? I imagine its not impressive without a long exposure, either?

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    These flashlights are near UV, so not dangerous, no. Just use a different color. And no, not especially impressive without the long exposure... but that's part of its charm.

    Thanks. Just about all the photos came out great (though I perhaps should have added the warning "Do not walk into vegetation in the dark with 300 rpm illuminated copper wire propeller", because those photos were less impressive, and our plants got chewed).


    All truly great art requires suffering and pain, though I never recall it being plants it was inflicted upon...

    if there was ever a live show naruto movie, this would definitely work for a rasengan.