Umbrella Bird Feeder

Introduction: Umbrella Bird Feeder

This is an awesome way to reuse a broken umbrella! The metal frame provides a perfect place for birds to perch, and the colorful fabric is an eye-catching garden decoration. Cleaning is a breeze too - simply spray with a hose, let air-dry, and then refill with seed.

(This project is part of my Girl Scout Gold Award focused on upcycling and recycling broken umbrellas. See other ideas here:

Step 1: Supplies: (1) Umbrella (2) Seed

Step 2: Open Umbrella and Add Birdseed.

Depending on how damaged the umbrella is, you may have to use some duct tape to reinforce the frame. Ours had one broken metal piece that didn't hurt the structure so we just left it alone.

Step 3: Hang in Tree

We've had lots of feathered visitors to our feeder, but haven't been able to get any good pictures yet. We'll add them in the future if we get any.

For more umbrella upcycling ideas, visit

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Great idea but, as AFM mentions above, drainage is important. Mosquitoes aren't my concern, but accumulation of water from dew, rain or snow would result in wet seed which would become moldy. Moldy seed can make birds very ill. Creating drainage holes, with or without mesh, is the only thing missing from this terrific feeder idea.


    5 years ago

    Nice, but if it rains it might catch water for Mosquitos to breed in, so maybe put an area with some sort of mesh at the bottom?