Umbrella Room Decorations

Introduction: Umbrella Room Decorations

Do you have an old umbrella lying somewhere in your house? Use this tutorial to spruce up your house with up-cycled, completely customizable room decor!

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Step 1: Materials You'll Need

-Old umbrella


-Glue gun



-Construction Paper

-Fake tea-light candle

-Holiday decorations

-Spherical ornaments in different size (small, medium, large)


Step 2: Step 1. Cut Off Vinyl

Cut off the vinyl/fabric but leave the protective nubs on for safety!

Step 3: Options

Option 1. Crib Mobile

☆Use construction paper to create alphabet/number panels
☆Use glue gun to attach them on to the ends of each string
☆Tie loops on the other ends of each string
☆Hang the loops at the tips of each arm of the umbrella (use glue gun for extra bond)

Option 2. Romantic Chandelier

☆Wrap holiday string lights around the arms
☆Use glue gun to attach fake tea-light candles at the tips of each arm of the umbrella

Option 3. Holiday Decoration

☆Use holiday ornaments to turn your umbrella into your own seasonal chandelier

Option 4. Solar System Mobile

☆Paint the spherical ornaments according to these sizes and colors:
Mercury - small - light beige
Venus - small - brownish orange
Earth - small - blue/green
Mars - small - reddish orange
Jupiter - large - light brown/white
Saturn - medium - yellowish brown
Uranus - medium - light blue
Neptune - medium - dark blue
☆Cut construction paper into a donut shape that fits Saturn to create its rings
☆Use glue gun to attach the paper on to Saturn
☆Use glue gun to attach spherical ornaments on to the ends of each string
☆Tie loops at the ends of each string
☆Hang the tips at the tips of each arm of the umbrella (use glue gun for extra bond)

Option 5. Galaxy Projection Planetarium

☆Cover umbrella arms like a tarp with dark construction paper
☆Cut out stars in paper with scissors
☆Place in front of flashlight (or any light source) in a dark room
☆Your personal galaxy should project onto your wall!

Step 4: Hang the Umbrella Upside Down


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